Monday, 20 October 2014

Yaesu FT-817 Go Kit

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've all seen Go Kits before. But as Go Kits go I think mine is "up there".

I am a fan of the Pelican case. Y'know the ones? Hard plastic water tight cases that can float and take a beating when traveling. They are usually filled with foam and have cutouts for the equipment they hold.

I bought an IM2200 from my local Best Buy electronics store for $100. This seems to be an average price for them. Ebay did not reveal a cheaper price. It comes filled with 2 layers of "pick-n-pluck" foam which allows you to create shapes by pulling squares of foam out.

In the above picture we can see the lower foam layer. I've created cutouts for the mic, mains PSU, PSU cable and antenna tuner cables. The small box in the top right corner is a Wolphi-Link interface. It's like a PSK31 sound card interface but for your cellphone/tablet. It will also get a cutout.

In this picture we can see the upper layer of foam which holds the FT-817, LDG tuner, spare battery, whip antenna and 1:1 balun. The egg box type foam in the lid also pulls out. I can get 25 feet of RG58 and a 50 foot dipole behind it and still be able to close the lid with ease.

Here's a video of me packing it all away into the case

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